“I love the two principal talents, Sally and Doug, and the interaction between them. He is a wonderful musician, with a great feel for rhythm, and recording chops. They have a lovely sense of musical theatricality on the album, with a gorgeous, textured voice, playfulness, and flexibility. Great song selection. In short, a package of beautiful performances, beautifully and skillfully recorded.”

Arne Fogel

(“Arne Fogel Presents”) Mid-America Music Hall of Fame inductee

“Sally and Doug had amazing passion that really allowed the audience to capture the essence of the music. They were a joy to have on campus!”

Stephanie Kane-Burbank

Student Services , Hamline University St. Paul, MN

“In four words I can tell you everything you need to know about this CD: this is great music! The synergy of these two fine artists makes every song special. Filled with passion, surprises, and sweet sounds. Hear for yourself.”

Michael Pastore

ePublishers Weekly

“A smooth blend of Latino and South American rhythms… “Crimson” is light and lively. It is not hard to just close your eyes and picture yourself on a yacht sailing the Caribbean, or sipping wine on a flowery veranda in Brazil.”

Jocelyn Codner

The Ithaca Times

All sample selections below are on the CRIMSON CD (except Azulao) — plus many others!