Ghost Present
Ghost Present

Sally as Ghost of Christmas Present in the Hangar Theatre’s production of
“A Christmas Carol”

Magdalena Christmas Carol

Sally as Magdalena in “A Christmas Carol”

Mrs Fezziwig Christmas Carol

Sally as Mrs. Fezziwig in “A Christmas Carol”

I am a guitar

Sally as Madrigal in the Kitchen Theatre’s production of “I am a Guitar”


Sally as storyteller in the Hangar Theatre’s
“Seasonal Story, Jam & Hootenanny”

“My love for the theatre began in my living room, dancing ballet to Beethoven’s 9th. The music evoked in me such emotion and passion, and I longed to express myself on stage. When I was nine years old my parents signed me up for the Baltimore Center Stage Young People’s Workshop, and our teacher, Vivienne Shub, took us through countless exercises to open our minds and eyes. In class, we told stories to each other and learned to speak to the big black void of an empty theater.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to tell stories with a number of different characters through different mediums. Most recently, I’ve played a number of characters in over three seasons of “A Christmas Carol,” created characters for my own “Latin Jazz and World Music” concerts, and have told my story as a half-Latina, half-American woman, born in Puerto Rico and raised in the States.

No matter what life deals you, jump on board and tell your story! Someone will be listening and watching, being right there with you.”

Sally G. Ramírez