Sally’s Bio

“Music is a great way to bring the world together and build bridges of understanding, while learning to appreciate each other. By opening our eyes to the beauty and unique qualities of each and every culture, we see ourselves more clearly.”

Sally G. Ramírez

Latin & World Music: A Journey In Song.

Sally G. Ramírez is a singer, actress, teacher, and vocal coach, whose music covers the range from jazz to Renaissance to folk.  She has performed in musical theater, operettas, and jazz venues throughout the country. Sally has performed on stage, on television, (The Young and the Restless”, PBS’ “American Family”)  radio, and has performed solo and back up work on for many artists’ CD’s in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Ithaca.

In 2010 Sally and guitarist Doug Robinson released their first CD, “Crimson”, and they are currently working on their second, “Mar y Sal.”

Sally and Doug have performed their show at the Hanger and Kitchen Theatres. Together they have performed their school assembly program called “Latin and World Music: A Journey In Song,” in various venues in Minneapolis/St. Paul, the Durham Museum in Omaha NE, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Sally also performs in a variety of bands including her own ARCO IRIS (“Rainbow”), and various Latin jazz and jazz groups, including Djug Django, Caribe Jazz All Stars, and Rising Sign.